Enjoy Variety at the Adelaide Shopping Centre

When you visit Adelaide, be sure to pay a visit to Adelaide Central Plaza, one of the best shopping centres in town. Adelaide Central Plaza provides a variety of options, including but not limited to, shopping, entertainment, clothing, and the above all, dining. There are so many places to eat at the Adelaide Shopping Centre and here are a few of the choices.

AKA Japanese

AKA Japanese offers quite a combination of hot and cold food options with authentic flavors which you will definitely be enjoyable. AKA Japanese specializes in Wagyu beef don, udon, and gyozas, which are all authentic dishes of the highest quality that will be sure to impress.

Singaporean Delights

Singapore Delights, demonstrates the diversity of dishes using varieties of spices like chilies, lime leaves, lemongrass, and more. If you are visiting the Adelaide shopping centre and love Asian cuisines but want to try something a little different, Singapore Delights will provide you with something special and make sure you are delighted with the result.

If you are visiting the Adelaide Shopping Centre and love Asain cuisine try Singaporean Delights for something different.

Curry Choice

Curry Choice, has a great selection of food for those that love a little (or a lot of) spice. If you pursue the diversity of flavors in dishes in a much stronger tone, then Curry Choice is one of the best choices in Adelaide to offer you with handmade Indian cuisines with a unique touch of spices and herbs. Visit Curry Choice to energize your palate to an enjoyable level.

Green & Grilled

Green & Grilled, is the healthy option of the Adelaide shopping centre dining options. They offer fulfilling and healthy options such as varieties of wraps, sandwiches, salad bowls with mixed greens, and you can even ask for a customized dish solely up to your satisfaction. Punched with flavors brought by grilled ingredients, greens may never taste the same.

Bar 9

Bar 9, has so many different kinds of food you may have in a single day. In addition to the light meal option, Bar 9 also offers formal dishes like Roast Pork Belly or Chicken Schnitzel. Signature burgers are also provided to indulge your food desires. If you want something lighter, salads like Cured Ocean Trout or Viet Salad are also available for selection. Last but not least, their homemade desserts and pastries are definitely worth your time to enjoy after the meal.

No matter what you feel like, whether it’s Japanese, Indian, something healthy, or something a little fancy, you can find it at Adelaide Central Plaza. The Adelaide Shopping Centre is the perfect destination for families or groups with picky eaters. Here, everyone can find something they will like and everyone can enjoy their favourite dishes and cuisines together!

Menlin Jaxi