How to Find the Best Refrigerated Truck for Sale.

Refrigerated trucks are important for diverse businesses and include trucking services, refer trailers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans or refer units. However, the challenge is there are so many different kinds of refrigerators to choose from for your business. You need to check at a refrigerated truck for sale service. Scully RSV is a well-known and reputable company with a wide variety of refrigerated trucks for sale. It is important to find which trucks are best for your specific business and needs. If you choose a refrigerated truck for business based on the points discussed here, you can rule out mistakes that could otherwise cost you heavily.

Different Types of Refrigerators

The type of refrigerator truck that may be required for your business is determined by the amount of cooling that is required. The other factor is the time for which the goods stay in the vehicle.

The Insulation-Only Van

A van equipped with insulation cargo space lined with an insulation of 50 mm thickness. It may be a Styrofoam or polystyrene mix. The former is the best. This is good for business such as that of a florist. However, it is not good for chilled food transport.

If you are looking for a refrigerated truck for sale the best truck will depend on the needs of your business.

The Chiller Conversion Truck

This sort of refrigerated truck is equipped with an insulation layer of 50 mm thickness and comes with a chilled refrigerator. This truck is suitable to keep food chilled but not suitable to keep frozen foods.

The Full-Freezer Conversion Truck

This truck is equipped with insulation of thickness of no less than 75 mm and is strengthened with side doors. It comes with a refrigerator in reverse cycle or hot gas-defrost. The truck can create a temperature as low as -20 C.

Semi Freezer Conversion Van

This refrigerator truck comes with a 75 mm thick insulation. The refrigerating process is either reverse cycle defrost or hot gas defrost. The refrigeration truck can create a refrigeration temperature in the range of -10 C to -15 C.

When considering buying a refrigerated truck for sale it is important to consider what your business needs are and what your approximate budget is. Scully RSV has a great range of options with financing options to suit a range of budgets.

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