The Beautiful History of These Brisbane City Shops

The MacArthur Central Shopping Centre, located in the heart of Brisbane you’ll find one of the most classically beautiful pieces of architecture in the whole of Australia. The English Renaissance style building has been a centre city icon in Brisbane once its construction in the early 1930s. Also knows as the MacArthur Chambers, these Brisbane City shops have a long and storied history. Including its use as the South West Pacific Headquarters for the Allied Forces under General Douglas MacArthur from 1942-1947 during the War.

The MacArthur Chambers played host to the AMP Society headquarters from 1934-1977, (excluding the years it was used for the Allied War efforts). In the early 1990s, a massive redevelopment was done to the entire city block and adjacent buildings surrounding, The MacArthur Chambers Building. Where it became The MacArthur Central Shopping Center, or what it is known as today. The commercial shopping complex includes not only the MacArthur Chambers building but also the first Woolworths supermarket in Brisbane, over 40+ unique shopping options, as well as their large food court.

These Brisbane City Shops are an icon of the Brisbane CBD.

In 2004 the MacArthur Museum was opened. This was to honor General MacArthur’s association and ties with Brisbane during the Second World War. Here Visitors are able to visit the MacArthur Museum, where they can view footage from the war, as well as view headlines and preserved newspapers from The Courier-Mail from that historic era.
In 2006 the Central Shopping Centre was involved in one of the most historic and largest property swap deals in Australian history. The Complex was valued at $186 million. A private investment firm, with $119 million, and a neighboring office building valued at $66 million, acquired the property in the landmark deal.

Being such a historic and influential piece of Australian architecture, The MacArthur Chambers building was listed on the Queensland Heritage Resister. You will find the MacArthur Central Shopping Centre, located at the corners of Edwards St, Elizabeth St, and Queen St in central Brisbane. These Brisbane City shops are within the walls of an iconic building built on the rich history of Brisbane City.

Menlin Jaxi